Svalbardposten, founded in 1948, is a Norwegian weekly paper and online newspaper that operates from Longyearbyen in Svalbard, Norway, and is published every Friday. It is the northernmost regularly published newspaper in the world and, in 2014, it had a circulation of 2,636 copies every week. The newspaper was printed by a printing press in Svalbard until 1996, but today is printed in Tromsø, Norway. Svalbardposten has been awarded the ‘Local Newspaper of the Year Award’ three times, most recently in 2010. The award is handed out by the LLA, the organisation of local newspapers in Norway. Svalbardposten started as a four pages wall poster, normally hung up on the buildings where the coal miners were living. Throughout the years, the newspaper gradually became more professional: until 1986, the newspaper was only published from September to May, but then it was published every Friday of the year. The ‘Norwegian Ministry of Justice’ intervened to save the paper, after some economically tough years during the 1980s: a foundation, ‘Stiftelsen Svalbardposten’, was established in 1992 and it now owns the newspaper, while a joint-stock company, Svalbardposten AS, publishes the newspaper. In 1997, Svalbardposten launched its own website, today in English and Norwegian editions, which became full subscription paywall website since September 2012. Read the Svalbardposten