Black Square 3 — Sean Scully

Excerpt from an interview to Irish-American painter Sean Scully by art critic Demetrio Paparoni (Il Domani, Nov. 1 2020, translation by TS). In the picture: “Black Square 3”

[…] Chinese artists Sun Yaun and Peng Yu […] recently declared that […] in Rome […] they had seen several sculptures of angels with big wings. Their angel [a 2008 artwork, Ed.], they explained, is like a bird that is too old to fly and they compared it to nowadays Europe. The golden age of Europe is over, in their opinion […] What do you think of such an overall vision of European art? Do you see Europe so old and hopeless? Is China the new world?

I do not agree at all with the idea that Europe is too old. I think Europe is the best place in the world to live in. In Northern Europe in particular there are some of the best societies created so far, during our tumultuous history. The interaction among capitalism, socialism, personal freedom and care for the future of our environment is exemplified very well by Sweden and Denmark.