This week we meet a talented photographer we have come across on Instagram: ‘Malmoevisuals’. As the artistic alias suggests, Malmoevisuals’ work is mainly centred on the beautiful city of Malmö in Sweden.

Picture by Malmoevisuals

First of all, please introduce yourself to our readers: where are you from? How old are you?

My name is Li, but I prefer to use my alias ‘Malmoevisuals’ when it comes to my photography. I do not want people to know my gender or age just yet. I want people who look at my photos to see these without prejudice regarding my gender or age, as a picture composer.

Which studies have you undergone? Where do you live at the moment?

Information technology, web publishing and photo editing. I work in the e-commercial business and I currently live in Malmö.

How long have you been practicing photography, and why did you start photography?

I started using photography back in 2010, as a way to collect images and memories that I wanted to keep forever. You cannot stop time, and for me this is a way to stop time.

Is this your first experience in the arts, or have you already practiced some other forms of art before? Or maybe, do you intend to in the next future?

I have always had a great love for arts and music. I did like to draw and paint, very much, ever since I was a young child, up to my late teens. I think my father was / is my greatest source of inspiration. And also my mother, for introducing me to music at a very early age.

Picture by Malmoevisuals

A tough one: black and white or colours? Why?

I find myself leaning towards black and white or mute colors with low saturation. But it varies with the mood I am currently in 😊

Would you describe the photography scene in Scandinavia (in general), and in Sweden (in particular)? Which are, in your opinion, its typical traits?

I see alot of nature photography in the Scandinavian scene, I do not know if that is a typical trait or if it is due to our spectacular nature!

Sebastião Salgado or Steve McCurry? Why?

I will have to say Sebastião Salgado! I just love his black and white work. His works are very strong and arouse feelings that go straight into my heart.

I can see both wide takes of Malmoe (buildings, night views…), as well as details (street signs and ads, pumpkins, rails…) in your portfolio: which kind of photography do you favour, and why?

I favor grand and widespread views, they make me feel free and somewhat invincible 😉 But I am also a detailed oriented person, so I guess I have to have both!

What is so special about Malmö? I really like your photographs of the city.

Malmö is so close to my heart, I have lived here all my life. I really love this city! It is not too big, but still you have that big city feel to it. It is close to Copenhagen and the continent. We have a great football team and a diversity of foods. The parks and green areas in the summer are just beautiful. And the architecture, old meets new, really tingles my image collecting

What intrigues you the most in a photo composition: straight or round lines? In your work as well as in other photographers’

I like to create a bit of depth in all my work. Symmetric lines, as well as round forms, it does not matter.

Diane Arbus or Vivien Maier? Why?

Definitely Diane Arbus! The bizarre images of unusual or marginalized humans arouse empathy and curiosity in a sad way.

Ten years on, from now: do you see yourself as a professional photographer?

I would like to, but I really do not think so.

Another tough one: analog or digital? Why?

I only work digital. I have deep respect for the analog crafts, though.

What do you think about Swedish cinema and tv series? In general, and also from a visual perspective

I do not watch Swedish cinema or tv series.

Picture by Malmoevisuals

What do you think about the Swedish music scene?

It is alive and well! I want to give a special shoutout to the talented swedish-finnish upcoming artist ”Tommys Ponny” ! Experimental elektronic musik 🎧

How do you work on improving your photography? Online courses, other photographers’ works, consulting photographic books and/or technical manuals, attending photography schools… got any advice for beginners?

I get energy and drive from attending a lot of art galleries, I take long walks, I try to travel a lot, I watch a great deal of movies and tv series and I listen to lots of music. I am triggered by improving my visual skills by seeing other photographers’ works! And I take editing courses.

…the one thing you wish you knew when you started taking photos is?

That you need to take thousands of photos to get maybe one decent one 

Which is the most important event on your horizon? Whether it is a shooting, a book, an exhibition… anything you wish to share with the audience.

Just trying to get my first private photobook in order. ☺️ See how it feels to browse my own photos in printed form.

Alright, let us know where we can buy it as soon as it is out! Thank you so much for this nice and interesting chat.