This week we meet Kati, a nature photographer from Finland: Nordic_photographer1 on Instagram

First of all, please introduce yourself to our readers: where are you from? Which studies have you undergone? Where do you live at the moment?
My name is Kati, Nordic_photographer1 in Instagram. I live in Southern Finland and I have a Master’s degree from Finnish university, but not in photography. I work full-time: photography and outdoors are my ways to relax. I answer to these questions as an hobby photographer.

How long have you been practicing photography, and why did you start photography?
I have taken photos for quite a long time. During holidays and so on. I bought a proper camera in 2018. Then I started concentrating more on photography.

Is this your first experience in the arts, or have you already practiced some other forms of art before? Or maybe, do you intend to in the next future?
I like to see and hear pieces of art and for example visit art museums. I have studied some art history and know some classics. I paint just wooden buildings and furnitures during my holidays. Future is open with hobbies. You never know what will happen.

How in your opinion your national or even local culture did shape your interest for photography?
I try to follow what happens in our country and in the world daily in many ways (newspapers, news…). That seems quite usual in Finland. I also follow IG photogalleries from numerous countries. Ideas to my photos may come from distant countries. I grew up in Finland and my roots are here. It may have shaped my interest in photography. It is difficult to say how. For example nature seems important for many Finns. You may see it in our art. It has been an inspiration for many Finnish paintings, music and so on. I save memories by photographing. Quite often also my photos are photos of nature.

A tough one: black and white or colours? Why?
Mainly colours. It´s nice to see colours. There are some very stylish black and white photos. I got black and white framed photos as a birthday present. The photos were taken in Helsinki in my birthyear. Photos of classic buildings and Finnish architecture. I liked them very much.

Would you describe the photography scene in Scandinavia/Nordic Countries (in general), and in Finland in particular? Which are, in your opinion, its typical traits?
I think the nature has a big importance as a subject in all Nordic countries. We also have many same holidays and traditions in these countries.

Which kind of photography do you favour, and why? Landscapes, portraits, details…
I like and take mostly nature photos. Beautiful landscapes belong to my favourites. I follow many very talented photographers and interesting IG galleries around the world.

What is so special about Finland? I really like your photographs: what is your inspiration?
Thank you very much! I´m glad to hear it. Finland is my home country. Nordic welfare state with an excellent success in PISA results. It has at least twice been crowned as the world’s happiest country. Finland has a beautiful, pure nature with four seasons. It gives me inspiration. There are almost 200 000 lakes, beautiful islands, seacoasts, forests etc. in our country. My favourite Finnish places for photographing are for example many places in Lapland and our beautiful islands like Utö, Örö and Åland.

Ten years on, from now: do you see yourself as a professional photographer?
Ten years is quite a long time. I still see myself as hobby photographer on ten years from now.

Another tough one: analog or digital? Why?
Digital. Easier.

What do you think about Finnish cinema and tv series? In general, and also from a visual perspective
There are many interesting Finnish and Nordic TV-series and movies. I have followed / watched many of them, the latest being Atlantic Crossing and White Wall. White Wall is a Finnish-Swedish TV-serie. I noticed that I follow series and movies also through ‘photographers eyes’. I haven´t seen the movie Tove yet: it´s about Tove Jansson, who was the world-famous Finnish creator of the Moomins, painter and one of Finland’s most famous authors and artists. I have heard and read just positive reviews about the film.

Which one is your favorite among your works? Why?
One of my favourite photos is my Instagram profile photo. It have been taken during my holiday in Vienna. It has a special significance for me.

Whose work has influenced you most? Within photography and beyond photography. Could be anything from any area.
Cannot say just one or few names. Communication with other photographers has been influential, both in real life and in Instagram. It´s nice to get feedback which helps to improve the photos’ quality. I have my feet on the ground: I am realistic about my skills in photography. I still trust my eyes in my choices. I usually don´t have former photos as models to my own photos (at least not consciously).

Would you care explaining your work flow, or some phases of it?
I save memories from the places, sceneries and moments by photographing. Or just test something in camera or objectives by taking photos. It´s quite practical. When I don´t want to take photos, I don´t take them.

…the one thing you wish you knew when you started taking photos is?
Just advice to go for it. I have learned photography by taking photos. Also by making many kinds of mistakes.

Which is the most important event on your horizon? Whether it is a shooting, a book, an exhibition… anything you wish to share with the audience.
I guess it´s every time in beautiful place and weather with a camera. I haven´t had any bigger plans as photographer yet.

Now some technical questions, I reckon it could be interesting for our readers:

What kind of gear do you use?
Camera body: Canon EOSR
Lens: Modern objectives and vintage lenses like Carl Zeiss Jena 50mm F2.8 Tessar, Meyer-Optik Görlitz 50mm F2.8 Domiplan and Nikon Nikkor 105mm F2.5
Tripod: Manfrotto

Which is your favourite lens? Why?
My favourite lenses are my vintagelenses. They are not the easiest to use. The result looks different than with modern objectives.

What are your settings, on the open field?
I take photos about many kind of objects in different times of days. And use different lenses / objectives. They vary.

Focus — Manual/Auto
Mostly manual. I usually don´t use auto even with modern objectives.

What kind of tools do you use for post processing?
I use Lightroom in light editing. There are many photos without any editing in my IG gallery. I like quite natural results.

Thanks a lot for your time, Kati! We will keep us updated on your future works.

The photographs in this article are all by Nordic_photographer1