Traveler (Condé Nast) has published an interesting insight on how Greenland is approaching tourism: it has a strong interest in it, but it is also determined to avoid the overtourism troubles experienced by Iceland.

On this subject, we recently interviewed Hermann Helguson, a professional tourist guide who works on both Greenland and Iceland:

I have read that locals in Iceland have started being tired of hosting so much tourism: what kind of tourism visits Iceland, in your experience? Is it mostly composed by respectful people? Or is there a substantial percentage of travellers that consider (and treat) Iceland as a trendy destination?
It is true that there are some people tired of hosting so many tourists but I believe most Icelanders are not. Most of our tourists come from the USA and Europe. I think we had all kinds of tourism here before covid. Most of the tourists that visit Iceland are very respectful and nice but unfortunately we also get people that don’t respect our nature. I want to use the opportunity and ask you all that are reading this to make yourselves familiar on how to behave around and respect the Icelandic nature. For example, do not drive off road!!

Would you please describe the tourism scene in Scandinavia (in general), and in Iceland/Greenland (in particular)? […]
[…] I think there are a lot of opportunities in Greenland and I also think that in the near future Greenland will be a popular destination for tourists. I think Iceland will stay popular in the upcoming years but I think it needs to be organized in a better way […]