Your Scandinavia and Nordic Countries Weekly Digest

Picture by Manu Schwendener @ Unsplash

The Round Tower One of Denmark’s most visited edifices, it was built by King Christian IV and finished in 1642 as the first part of the Trinity Complex in Copenhagen. Its round walls are constructed in the royal colours (yellow and red), and the King himself sketched the golden rebus on the front of the tower. (Rundetå

The thing with water, in Iceland Let’s discover how people in Iceland use pools and hot tubs all year round, on a daily basis, to improve their health: “water is medicine” (

Finland and Sweden to join NATO? Finland and Sweden, two nations that have spent decades worrying how Russia might react to any military decision, intend to change their relations with Moscow, and possibly join NATO. (

Faroe Islands reverse population trend Returning to the Faroes is increasingly common: despite having struggled with the departure of young people (well-educated women in particular), the past nine years witnessed a reversal of a historic trend, as the population of the Faroe Islands kept growing at a record pace. (

Norway and electric cars Sixty-five percent of new passenger cars sold in Norway in 2021 were electric: it took EVs just 10 years to go from 1% to 65%. ( The Norwegian government taxes heavily the sales of new polluting cars, but does not tax Electric Vehicles, making EVs a competitive option even if they are more expensive because of their production costs.

Two Michelin Star restaurant KOKS relocates to Greenland Led by award-winning Head Chef Poul Andrias Ziska, KOKS restaurant (usually located in Leynavatn, Faroe Islands-1st Michelin star in 2017, the 2nd in 2019) will move to the Ilimanaq Lodge helping “put Greenland on the world map of new, exciting must-visit destinations”. (

…and no, Vikings did NOT sport horned helmets! The horned ‘Viksø helmets’, for many years associated with the Vikings in popular culture, have finally been dated to the Scandinavian Bronze Age. (

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