has released a two-part documentary, by German director Heike Nikolaus, about Midsummer in Norway – North and South the Arctic.

North of the Artic Circle
The Norwegian islands of Lofoten owe their pure, fish-rich waters to the Gulf Stream. Fishing is still a major industry in these arctic waters as seaweed harvesting is gradually developing. On the mainland, near the border with Sweden, sled dogs take advantage of the summer months to train for the winter treks to come.

South of the Arctic Circle
Norwegians celebrate the summer solstice on the eve of 24th of June by lighting large bonfires. The most impressive one burns in the town of Ålesund. These celebrations coincide with the period of the midnight sun, which bathes the spectacular surrounding fjords in a magical light. While the locals enjoy this brief respite before the onset of winter, Arctic foxes raise their young in the mountains.