On 23 March 1962 the “constitution” of Nordic co-operation was concluded with the Helsinki Agreement. Nordic Day, on March 23rd, is the Nordic Constitution Day. In 1962, the Nordic countries reached an agreement that regulates official Nordic co-operation among neighboring countries. March 23 marks the sealing of the Helsinki Agreement, and the Nordic Association celebrates this day every year. All Nordic citizens enjoy and benefit from the Helsinki Agreement as it ensures, among other things, access to higher education and to social benefits when staying in another Nordic country. According to the H.A., Nordic countries’ citizens in other Nordic countries must be treated as local citizens, when drafting laws and regulations. Citizens also enjoy a joint Nordic labor market, which according to the agreement will be preserved and further developed. The governments of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden also agree that schooling should include a general knowledge of language, culture and social conditions of other Nordic countries.
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