Denmark is one of the most LGBTQ friendly countries in the world: every year in August thousands of people head to the country’s capital for the Copenhagen Pride. Denmark has legalized same-sex sexual activities since 1933, and it has been the first country to pass a law that recognized same-sex unions. Same-sex marriage in Denmark has been legal since 15 June 2012, after it received royal assent by Queen Margrethe II on 12 June; Denmark was the eleventh country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage. In 1989, Denmark was also the first country in the world to enact registered partnerships, which provided same-sex couples with almost all of the rights and benefits of marriage. Same-sex marriage is also legal in the two other constituent countries of the Danish Realm: in Greenland, legislation to allow same-sex marriage took effect on 1 April 2016; in the Faroe Islands, same-sex marriage legislation took effect on 1 July 2017.