‘The Globe’ playground is situated outside the cultural center and the main library by the harbour of Aarhus. The project was created in collaboration with Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects as part of an urbanisation of the waterfront. On the 14.400 sqm large deck, Monstrum designed a narrative playground as a counterpart to the many stories inside the library: the ambition was to create a design to match the architectural expression of the building. ‘DOKK1‘ is home to the Aarhus main library, a symbol of the culture, history, and knowledge of our globe: Monstrum created five playgrounds, each representing a specific compass direction with details telling small stories about the wildlife, animals, landscape, geology, and culture from each of the specific areas. Each play area provides different opportunities and spaces to play, aiming to inspire and evoke childrens’ and adults’ curiosity and bringing the stories from the library to life.

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