Valo (meaning Light) was launched last year and currently has about 130,000 users in Finland: the app is based on the Kotisataman Deitti online dating site, and will become available in Sweden and Italy over the coming summer/autumn. Its launch on the Christian newspaper ‘Kirkko ja Kaupunki’ (City and Church) reported Velo as “a new dating app […] will help heterosexuals with Christian values find a life partner”, attracting considerable media attention: according to tabloid ‘Iltalehti‘ the profiles of people looking for same-sex partners have been deleted from the app. Valo official representatives told Yle website that the app’s policies on same-sex users has since changed, and now Valo is a dating service for all members of the Christian faith. About half of Valo users are men and half are women, with the majority aged between 25 and 50 years old. Read more: