Imatra municipality (Eastern Finland) has announced plans to build a large solar farm of around 100,000 solar panels that should be up and running by 2024 and providing a peak power output of around 40 megawatts (under the most favourable conditions). It should be set up by the ‘3Flash Solar’ company in the Linnankoski neighbourhood, by the Linnankoski river, where the electricity grid and distribution network are easily accessible. The facility will create electricity during daylight hours from March through the end of October, whereas during colder months the farm will be unable to source energy for the lack of sunshine. The need for zero-emission electricity is high, and from the town’s perspective the project should have positive employment and economic impacts from rental income and property taxes and. Also the municipality of Lapua (South Ostrobothnian) is looking for alternative sources of energy: a solar farm planned in by ‘EPV Energia’ will boast 400,000 solar panels, with a peak output capacity of 100 megawatts. Read more: