Picture by Ása Steinarsdóttir (Unsplash)

Icelanders have traditionally worked longer hours during a working day, compared to other nations, and a survey (November-December 2021) among government employees showed that overall satisfaction was high (seven out of ten said they were happy with it) with the shortened working week tried during 2020. According to the study, there is more satisfaction in small workplaces than in large ones, and the shortening proved to be more difficult for shift workers and in certain professions, such as the health care system. One of the preconditions was that wages of day workers were not to be affected. Among the main reasons for shortening the work week are: reducing the level of stress and prevent burnout, paying close attention to nutrition, exercise and sleep. It is still to be assessed if a three-day weekend will help in that respect, or whether a daily shortening will be better. Read more: Ruv.is