The ‘Medieval Village of Slotshaven‘ playground is inspired by the tower of Kernen, an old medieval fortress in Helsingborg, one of the biggest tourist attractions of the city. It is the only part remaining of a larger Danish fortress which, along with the fortress Kronborg on the opposite side of Øresund, controlled the entranceway between Kattegat and Øresund and further south to the Baltic Sea. The playground consists of a small version of Kernen Tower, encircled by a ramp and inside, the market is open: a fisherwoman stands and sells the catch of the day, the Earl’s son is practicing with his sword and the tower is filled with visitors running up the narrow stairs, up to the top view, before they take the big slide down. Next to the market, you will find the medieval village of old houses with the main square and narrow passages. The playground is designed to include the whole family and even kids with physical handicaps. The large wavy boardwalk is perfect for toddlers to train their motor skills and even as a bike track for older kids.

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