Canadian reality television series ‘Restaurants on the edge’ experts travel to Turku, Finland’s oldest city and former capital, to meet first-time restaurant owners Turo and Marina of ‘Ruissalon Maininki‘. Their restaurant is a large, century-old heritage building that suffers from the misconception that it is only for use by members of the adjacent yacht club, which keeps many locals and tourists from coming in. Turo and Marina need the experts to help give the place a new identity and purpose while keeping an authentic Scandinavian feel. To do this they take a master class in sausage making, learn Nordic design techniques at Tonfisk, bake Finnish bread and desserts, experiment with Saana and Olli’s fabrics and more to help the first-time restaurant owners find their groove in running a successful Finnish restaurant. Turku is situated right where the Finnish Archipelago begins, at the doorstep of more than 40,000 islands, and is quickly gaining the reputation as the food capital of Finland, where the freshest archipelago ingredients meet the most modern Nordic culinary trends. In recent years, Finland has been gaining traction as one of the hottest food scenes in the world, through their innovative use of natural ingredients in Nordic cuisine, specifically in the bustling culinary city of Turku. The medieval city on the south west coast of Finland is known for its contemporary Scandinavian cuisine and laid-back restaurants, and the show takes a deeper dive into the city’s rich stories about food and culture, inspiring viewers and travelers alike to visit the emerging destination.

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