‘Solar Foods’ is a Finnish food-tech company that invented a product named ‘Solein’, a natural protein grown from only one cell using hydrogen and carbon dioxide, and nutritionally similar to meat. “Food out of thin air,” as they put it. Allegedly, with a technology like Solar Foods’, Solein can be produced almost everywhere, whether in a desert or in space. For example, the method makes it possible for astronauts to produce food even in closed spaces: Solar Foods assumes that the ingredients available at the Mars base should be sufficient to produce Solein protein. The European Space Agency (ESA) writes that “Solein [is] a revolutionary natural protein source for the global food industry […] produced from CO2, water, and electricity.” Of course, the benefits of Solar Foods’ Solein would not be limited to astronauts: Euronews.tv recently wrote: “It may even save the world”. Maybe Solein one day will replace meat protein entirely to save our planet? Read more on Solarfoods.com