The ‘NAA X Summer Exhibition’ is the first time that the ‘Nordic Art Agency’ has collaborated with local artists from Malmö and the Greater Copenhagen region. Inspired by the ‘Royal Academy Summer Exhibition’ held each year in London since 1796, an artist open call was held for a group exhibition in the Spring. In a new separate gallery location, dedicated to emerging and established local artists, the NAA curated a multi-disciplinary exhibition which opened on June 3rd and is free to explore 7-day a week. The exhibition in is a busy commercial environment, with no real gallery presence or interaction required, just an opportunity to explore, absorb and reflect upon the art, sculpture, photography, weaving and fiber art. The exhibition features 11 artists including, Lucas Nagel, Julia Hallström Hjört, Lotta Blanking, Josefin Åberg, Lars Herman Hegg and Annie Weibull. Together with co-host Lars Herman Hegg, Gallery Consultant and Technician, this podcast explore the motivation behind the exhibition curation, an insight into five of the featured artist’s practices and their personal response. Lars is in conversation with the following participating artists: Swedish fiber artist Mia Hultgren, Scottish collage artist John Atherton, Swedish painter Emil Carlsjö, Danish Mixed media artist Anne Gammelgaard and Troels Aagaard. One can hear a mixture of accents, Norwegian, Danish, Sweden and shared experiences, very much in the sprit of the international mindset of the Nordic Art Agency and is an audible insight into the diversity of the exhibition and artists selected. Get in touch directly with Lars ideas for future local artist driven exhibition and collaborations. All artworks can be view and purchased online. Listen to the podcast