A story of a changing nation, a Klondike town, and four young people who are thrown into a whirlwind of opportunities. It’s the summer of 1969 in the small coastal town of Stavanger. International oil companies have been test-drilling for years, but nothing has been found and they are in the process of leaving. The night before Christmas 1969, the gas flare at the oil rig Ocean Viking is lit in a last-ditch attempt to strike oil: Phillips discovers the largest sub sea oil basin in history, and everything is about to change as four friends are thrown into a whirlwind of opportunities.

“Lykkeland is the story of Norway: who we were, and how we got to where we are today.”

Screenwriter Mette Bølstad is known for series such as “Nobel” and “Halvbroren”. During the 2018 international series days at Canneseries, “Lykkeland” was nominated for three awards, winning two: best script and best music.

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