“Icelandic widows” statue (Pixabay)

Research project ‘Saga Cohort‘, based on the answers of 15,799 women of working age, found out that a third of women in Iceland have been sexually harassed at their workplace or have been subjected to violence in their lives. Women who are working in the public sector, in tourism, on shifts, women that belong to sexual minorities, and younger women are more likely to be harassed in the workplace. Even if Iceland has ranked #1 in gender equality (World Economic Forum, 2022) for more than a decade, these findings indicate that there is a considerable need to improve public policies aimed at promoting women’s safety in the work environment. The research paper was published in Lancet Public Health and senior author of the paper is Edda Björk Þórðardóttir, assistant professor at the University of Iceland. Read the full, detailed article on Icelandmonitor