The ‘National and Olympic Sports Association of Iceland’ starts the ‘Walk to School’ campaign in Melaskóli (western Reykjavík) for the 16th time, as Iceland is part of this international project that was launched in the UK back in 2000. The main goal of the campaign is to encourage students and parents in Iceland to walk, bike or use other sustainable means of transport to and from school, as well as encourage people to incorporate more physical activity into their routines and teach children about the benefits of an active lifestyle. Other goals are: to promote a healthy lifestyle, make children more adept at walking safely to school, minimize car traffic around schools, make people more aware of the importance of sustaainable transport, the benefits for the environment. Behind the campaign are also the ‘Ministry of Education, Science and Culture’, the ‘Directorate of Health’, the ‘Law Enforcement Agency’, the ‘ICE-SAR Association’, the ‘Icelandic Transport Office’ and the ‘National Association Home and School’. Read more on Icelandmonitor