On Thursday, 8 September, Copenhagen hosted fifteen wineries from the ‘Consorzio tutela vini valtellinesi’ (Valtellina Wine Protection Consortium) on a mission to represent the region: Denmark is an interesting scenario from a wine and food point of view, with high-level restaurants and venues that have become temples of modern cuisine such as ‘Noma’ and ‘Geranium’, which recently took first place in ‘The World 50 Best Restaurants’ classification. Valtellina was a great success on the Danish market, with many operators attending the ‘walkaround tasting’ divided between importers, restaurateurs and sector journalists, while thirty professionals took part in the masterclass led by wine journalist Thomas Ilkjaer. The excellent response from the operators makes it clear that it is important to continue to preside over the Scandinavian markets, and in particular that the Danish market is definitely growing and increasingly attentive to ‘Nebbiolo delle Alpi’, a wine with characteristics that are in target with Nordic tastes. ‘Valtellina Nebbiolo from the Alps’, this was the title of the programme, brought together the following wineries from the province of Sondrio: Alberto Marsetti, Alfio Mozzi, Ar.Pe.Pe, Balgera, Dirupi, F.11i Bettini, Folini, La Grazia, La Spia, Mamete Prevostini, Nicola Nobili, Nino Negri, Sandro Fay, Tenuta Scerscè and Triacca. There was a strong presence of women in the top and representative roles of these Valtellina wine producers. Andrea Gandossini, director of the ‘Consorzio Tutela Vini di Valtellina’, confirms that the mission to Scandinavia will be repeated in the future, so much so that two missions between Oslo and Stockholm are already planned for the winter months.