Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn’s neo-noir TV series ‘Copenhagen Cowboy’ will air in December on Netflix. The protagonist is a young girl named Miu, who arrives illegally from the Balkans in Denmark, a guest in a brothel of eastern Europe prostitutes run by Serbs. Miu is considered, according to Serbian-Albanian magical beliefs, to be a good-luck girl and is supposed to help the madam get pregnant by her husband, a subnormal Dane married out of passport interest. At first indifferent to the squalor and violence around her, Miu intervenes when one of the prostitutes is murdered by a mysterious psychopathic serial killer. She takes revenge on the landlady and escapes to a dark, cruel and nocturnal Copenhagen populated by Serbian, Danish and Chinese thugs, micro-mafias at war with each other, where she meets the serial killer again. The story also veers into the supernatural, as Miu can be a good luck charm in some circumstances, but also a good luck charm. For those who love Nicolas Winding Refn, ‘Copenhagen Cowboy’ is a summation of all his previous films: all of Refn’s sick, complex and devastated characters resonate in Miu, from the Danish and Serbian criminals of the ‘Pusher’ trilogy to the murderous Vikings of ‘Valhalla Rising’, from the Tom Hardy of ‘Bronson’, to the Ryan Gosling of ‘Drive’ and ‘Only God Forgives’, to the desperate Elle Fanning of ‘The Neon Demon’.