The forthcoming winter will see several houses that will not be entirely heated: as in the old days, people will sit around the fire and use the heat from the stove or open fire and then go off to bed. This trend translated in a skyrocketed demand for ‘Gabriel Kakelugnar AB’, a manufacturer of high-end tiled stoves costing an average of 86,000 Swedish kronor (€7.850): thanks to its intricate construction, the stove can keep a room warm for up to 24 hours. Orders have surged more than fourfold, and customers now have to wait until next spring for delivery. This year the key concern is to stay warm in the coming months, a worry that has become ever more pressing as the winter chill gets nearer: the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency is worried that people will just burn anything, like wet firewood, so that particulate matter can end up deep in the lungs and cause heart attacks, strokes and asthma (the risk is particularly acute in urban areas). Norwegian wood seller ‘Kortreist Ved’ confirms that people are desperate for wood, therefore they are buying more than the usual, having started in June already. Read more on