Picture by Monica Freidrich Johannessen (Archdaily.com)

“Cabin Åkvåg” is a summer cabin located close to Lyngør, on the southeast coast of Norway, scenically situated on top of a crag overlooking rocky outcrops and islets on Skagerrak. […] To preserve nature, the shape of the building is kept simple and modest, built with lasting materials and detailing. […] It has been an ambition of the project to use sustainable materials that can last for hundreds of years. The exterior cladding is made of pine wood that is cooked in oil under a vacuum. This Norwegian treatment is called Møre Royal and it makes the wood extremely resistant to harsh weather with very little need for maintenance. […] In the interior, the walls are clad with white pigmented sheets of birch veneer, which gives a timeless and warm atmosphere. […] Read the full article on Archdaily.com