‘Mastering Finland Podcast’ #81 takes you to the movies for an exclusive interview with Roope Olenius & Veera W. Vilo, the director and screen writer behind the new film “Freeskate” which premieres on 21 October 2022. Getting to know the faces behind this new Finnish film, Matt speaks with director Roope Olenius and screen writer Veera W. Vilo who are partners both on and off the movie set. ‘Freeskate’ was inspired by both Veera and Roope’s experiences of sport. Each in their own way mastering Finland with their different disciplines and using this to create this original story in the world of figure skating. ⛸️ ‘Freeskate’ is a truly international film, featuring three different languages, current international athletes and filmed across many different ice halls and locations across Finland 🇫🇮. Listen to the podcast