The ‘Danish Critics Prize for Literature’ (in Danish: Kritikerprisen) is an annual Danish literature award established in 1957 by the ‘Danish Publishers Association’. From 1966 the Litteraturkritikernes Lav has been responsible for awarding the ‘Critics’ Prize’ (until 1971 with the Publishers’ Association as financial guarantor). Since 1971 the award has been awarded by the ‘Danish Literature Critics Association’ (Litteraturkritikernes Lav) and currently carries a prize of DKK 30.000. The association also awards the Georg Brandes-Prize, with financial support from the Norwegian Arts Foundation. The ‘Litteraturkritikernes Lav’ is an association of Danish literary critics and reviewers whise purpose is “to represent Danish literary critics and look after their interests.” As members, “critics of fiction and related non-fiction can be admitted.” A prerequisite for membership is a permanent association with the ‘Danish press’ (referred to both printed and electronic media). Lavet’s most important task is the annual distribution of the Critics’ Prize and the Georg Brandes Prize, the former originally established by the Publishers Association in 1957, the latter by Lavet itself in 1969. The prize candidates are announced in January-February and the prizes are usually awarded in March. According to current rules, the critic’s prize is awarded “for a work that has been published since the last award ceremony and whose literary quality makes it deserve greater public attention”. The award is given “for a work that, in itself or as part of an authorship, deserves the Critics Award”. The ‘Georg Brandes Prize’ is given “for highlighting a work within Danish literary criticism and research”. The recipients are chosen by a special committee of three members appointed at the annual general meeting. The rules ensure a certain rotation: the General Assembly normally appoints a new member to the committee each year. The members are elected for three calendar years. The longest-serving member is automatically chairman and then resigns. Read more on