You haven’t heard her voice before, and yet she is essential to the Mastering Finland project. This episode sees the ‘Mastering Finland’ founder return to the microphone and interview one of the key people from behind the scenes of the podcast – Eva Valkovicova. Eva’s energy, spirit, and curiosity are keeping the podcast alive, but there’s more to it. Eva has been living in Finland for 15 years and she definitely holds the keys to mastering this country. Tune in and learn about Eva’s experiences in Finland — working in an international company, falling in love, raising multilingual kids, and finding time for her own projects. And no chance of getting away without some practical advice. Wanna know what’s the dramatic difference for a Finn between ‘Does the bus stop near the train station?’ and  ‘Does the bus stop at the train station?’? And why should you always ask open questions?

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