Halló! And so another journey through the cinema of Iceland ends. For this final episode of series four, Rob and Ellie discuss the multi-narrative drama ‘Life in a Fishbowl’ from 2014. Baldvin Z’s second feature follows the lives of three Icelanders living in Reykjavik and the ways in which they influence each other, for better or worse. One is a single mother and occasional sex worker, one is an alcoholic writer, and the other is a footballer-turned-financial businessman. Starring Þorsteinn Bachmann, Hera Hilmar and Thor Kristjansson, this is a look at the real Reykjavik, the side that tourists don’t often see. At times hard-hitting and tough to watch, at others beautiful and heartwarming, it’s no wonder this was the Number 1 film in Iceland the year it was released.

Rob and Ellie will return for a pre-Christmas special.

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