Denmark threatening to quit FIFA, as well as legal action against the top football body that has repressed athletes’ freedom to demonstrate by joining the ‘One Love’ campaign. “I am not only disappointed but also angry,” said Danish football federation president Jesper Moller in announcing that he will no longer support Gianni Infantino in the race for a new Fifa top job. After the timid attitude of some federations, such as the English Football Association, in the face of Fifa’s threat of punishment (booking captains with rainbow armbands on their arms), things are finally changing. Before the official note from the Danish Football Association last night, in which the hypothesis of leaving FIFA was raised, it was Jesper Moller again who confirmed the ongoing discussions between the European federations to cause a new shake-up at FIFA. Among the hypotheses on the table would even be a boycott of the next tournament matches. In addition to Denmark, which had been denied by FIFA the possibility of wearing a shirt with a message of closeness to migrants who died on construction sites and to the gay community, the Dutch football federation has also started to move, reporting ongoing legal evaluations by the seven national teams affected by FIFA’s censorship.