Levi (531 meters above sea level) is Situated 170km north of the Arctic Circle, and is nowadays Finland’s most popular ski holiday resort, and also one of the largest ski resorts in Lapland. It has been chosen as the best domestic skiing resort in Finland several times. There are some 50 ski slopes in Levi, with 28 ski lifts, and the skiing and snowboarding season is particularly long, typically lasting from mid-October to the beginning of June. In February 2004, Levi hosted its first World Cup race, a women’s slalom. In 2006, Levi adopted its current format as an annual opening for both the ladies and men’s World Cup slalom seasons. In 2012, ‘The Regional Council of Lapland’ awarded ‘World Cup Levi’ event its annual nomination for Regional Developer, a recognition of promoting significantly the international visibility of Lapland, through the attractive of ‘World Cup Levi’ brand. Today, Levi is the Finnish market leader and pioneer in Ski Resorts: in the area there are 24000 beds, which makes possible 2,5 million overnights/year with 650000 visitors/year. Levi is also home to 230 km’s cross-country tracks and 880 km’s snowmobiling routes. Read more on Fis-ski.com