The last day of the week (or at least the last day that concerns Norse Gods) is the association of Frigg to Friday. This episode also takes a look at the scholarly debate as to whether or not Frigg and Freyja were at one time one and the same. But in order to look at them in the same light they are first seperated into two and reviewed individually in their own rights. So who was Frigg, besides the wife of Oðin? Is there enough source material to even know? And who was Freyja? Did she represent someone from a distant time, who infultrated another culture and caused discord? And is the God Oðr (Freyja’s husband) really just a poor man’s Oðin? All of these answers and more. Don’t forget to rate, review, and help spread the word! You can reach the podcast author via e-mail at:

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