Photo © Ela Bialkowska/OKNO studio

Made entirely out of Lego, ‘Water Lilies #1’ is an immense recreation of Monet’s famed ‘Water Lilies’ by Ai Weiwei: it will be on display on April 7 at London’s ‘Design Museum’, on occasion of Weiwei’s largest UK exhibition in eight years ‘Ai Weiwei: Making Sense’. It’s the largest Lego artwork that Weiwei has ever made: it takes up fifteen metres of wall space, and it’s comprised of almost 650000 studs of Lego bricks.


Detail from Water Lilies #1, 2022, by Ai Weiwei. Lego bricks (Photo © Ela Bialkowska/OKNO studio. © Image courtesy of the artist and Galleria Continua)