Welcome to ‘A Swedish Fika’, a podcast about the unique culture of Sweden and how it compares to life in the United States. I’m your host, PixelPia, and I have had the privilege of living and working in Sweden and the US.

In this first episode, I will explain the concept of fika, which is so much more than having a coffee.  Fika is very important to most Swedes, and you fika at work, at home, with colleagues, friends, and family. Fika is the one thing I wish I could bring with me to the US, except friends and family of course. 
I will also give you some insight into who I am, and why I am creating this podcast. Not everything will be told in this episode but I will try to add bits and pieces in every episode for you to get to know me. If you want to read more about fika you can do so at Aswedishfika

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