In an epic two part episode I decided to delve into the topic of Danish football vs. Swedish football. What are the key differences, why is one ahead of the other in European competitions, which players have moved between the countries and what’s it like on the pitch.

In part 1 I enlisted the help of IFK Noorköping  #10 Vito Hammershøy-Mistrati, former captain of Randers, to talk about his first impressions of Sweden and Allsvenskan having arrived in February.

In this part 2 I talk to a longtime friend of mine and esteemed Swedish football expert Jonathan Fadugba to hear his thoughts on the relative fortunes of the two leagues having covered the Allsvenskan for the best part of a decade. There is also a recap the weekend’s Superliga round 30 action with the drama intensifying ahead of the final two rounds and still nothing decided at either end of the table.

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Listen to the podcast part 1

Listen to the podcast part 2