It’s story time again! And this time we’re digging into what might be the most famous legendary saga ever to come out of Scandinavia: The Saga of the Vǫlsungs. As we dig in, it’ll become clear how all of the principles we’ve talked about on the show so far come together to produce a story with a distinct Norse flavor, and one that has inspired tropes that have been repeated in story after story for the last thousand years. It’s a long one this time, and I hope you enjoy it!


•  “The Saga of the Volsungs”, transl. by Jesse Byock, 2004, supplemented by some of my own translations from the source text
•  “The Poetic Edda”, transl. by Carolyne Larrington, 2014
•  “The Prose Edda“, transl. by Anthony Faulkes, 1995

‘Volsunga Saga’ part II

‘Volsunga Saga’ part III

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