Picture: courtesy of LEGO, from 9to5toys

The latest LEGO addition to the 100th anniversary celebration for Disney Animation has arrived, with a new 811 bricks model that assembles an old school cinema camera. It features the reels on top that turn into a ‘100’ logo; a film strip which shows frames from an assortment of animated Disney like ‘The Jungle Book’, ‘Snow White’, ‘Alice in Wonderland’, and more; some alluring minifigures, like Walt Disney himself, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, in original retro looks, and new molded bricks for Bambi and Dumbo. Likely one of the final LEGODisney 100th anniversary’ celebration kits, the new Walt Disney Tribute Camera set (43230) will hit the shelves on September 1, with a $99.99 price tag.

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