Known as the garden of Copenhagen, Fjordlandet is a picturesque area encompassing the areas around Roskilde, Frederikssund and Lejre. The entire area is overflowing with history and offers numerous opportunities to experience everything from a UNESCO heritage site (Roskilde Cathedral) to learning about Viking life in the Lejre area, via the Viking Ship Museum and the Viking Games in Frederikssund. Not forgetting the spectacular nature of the Skjoldungernes National Park, a small taste of this region, for a nature escape only 30 minutes by car or train from the capital. Roskilde is also known as the site of a major festival, one of the largest cultural and musical events in Northern Europe: every year at the beginning of July, at least 130,000 people gather for a week of music, beer, camping and entertainment. The region also offers many culinary experiences of a high standard. Various products are grown locally, often organically and sustainably, and many are supplied to gourmet restaurants across the country. Trying the flavours of Fjordlandet, visiting the shops and farm shops, exploring the many microbreweries in the region, is a unique experience to live and enjoy.