Murderers/Criminals from Scandinavia and Nordic countries are no different. These Finnish, Icelandic, Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish killers are notable for their lack of regard for human life. From murderous nurses to killers who committed random acts of violence. Come sit and have a listen as we learn more about Nordic and Scandinavian criminals. Linktree

Years Active: 1916 – 1920
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Serial Killer: Dagmar Overbye
Victims: Between 9 and 25
Method: Strangulation, Drowning

Dagmar Overbye is one of the most notorious serial killers in Denmark’s history as she targeted babies and seemingly had no motivation for her crimes. Overbye was convicted of nine murders, as there was insufficient proof of the others. Her lawyer based the case on Overbye being abused herself as a baby, but that did not impress the judge. She became one of the three women sentenced to death in Denmark in the 20th century, but she – like the other two – was reprieved. (Released 26.09.2022)

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