Born in Germany back in 1923, hummel’s activities in the sports business began with football, and since 1964 are also strongly intertwined with handball. In 2020, the now Danish company based in Aarhus became an official partner of the European Handball Federation, and it is also partner to many clubs, national federations and the International Handball Federation. Handball is engrained in hummel’s brand DNA, and the partnership with EHF represents an integral cornerstone of the indoor strategy supporting brand and business expansion internationally.

“as a Danish brand, we’re handball lovers by nature”

On its 100th anniversary, hummel aims to be among the world’s biggest sports brands: “We have an ambition for hummel to be among the top 10 sports brands in the world,” said hummel CEO, Allan Vad Nielsen. Over the years, hummel has actively participated in the fight for human rights through unconventional sponsorships, such as: the national football teams of Tibet and Afghanistan’s women; the support of LGBTQ+ people during the 2018 World Cup in Russia; the message about human rights for all, in connection with the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. During 2023, hummel is marking its centenary milestone with the ‘History is what we do now’ series of events which include relaunches of a range of legendary styles. Hummel has also invested heavily in product development, new sponsorships, digitalisation, and new stores; last year, hummel opened a new fully automated distribution centre of 31,000m2 in Padborg, Denmark. The company currently manufactures apparel for football, rugby league, futsal, handball, basketball, shinty, volleyball and esport teams. Being one of the oldest sportswear brands in the business, with roots in football and handball, hummel has previously been worn by football teams such as Real Madrid, Tottenham Hotspurs, Benfica and the Denmark national team. Today, Hummel continues to sponsor clubs and players within handball and football.

At heart, we are shaped by our DANISHNESS. We fight for equality and inclusivity. For us, the pitch is not a battlefield. It’s an arena to share greatness. And we’re always driven by progress. Bringing honesty, heart, and passion to the game. It is our core. Our home – and our culture. Above all, we love the game and don’t hesitate to bring KARMA into play when the opportunity arises. Because we believe there are important fights to be fought outside the pitch too. We support the anti-heroes, lift up the underdogs and challenge conventions. And we fight for inclusive communities, empowerment, and game changing perspectives.

This is how we CHANGE THE WORLD THROUGH SPORT. One game at the time