In this episode of Icelandic Art Center’s podcast “Out There” Tereza Eyrún Hofová does a takeover of the podcast and talks to Teo Ala-Ruona, Johhan Rosenberg and Netti Nüganen. Tera was assisting Sequences Art Festival production being a part of an internship programme run by the festival and the Icelandic Art Center. Young Boy Dancing Group’s performance is the art work of the month, with their latest performance being made on the final day of the Sequences XI – Can’t See festivities at the Reykjavík Art Museum – Hafnarhús. In the episode Tera interviews some of the performance artists that contributed to the 10 day long biennial programme of Sequences. Thus dedicating this Out there episode to the live programme of the latest iteration of the Reykjavík-based biennial.

Performances covered in the episode Traps by Johhan Rosenberg Traps can be seen as a confluence of different actions, dragged by linguistic elements. A hypnotic zoo invites the viewer into its trap. The performance finds itself between the wet walls, inhabited by an unknown identity that seeks to make eye contact with the public.

LACUNA by Teo Ala- Ruona Lacuna is a body horror performance and work of auto-fiction that brings together ghostly memories and lived experience, while composing a verbal and musical incantation. “Lacuna” means an opening or a gap.

The Myth: Last Day by Netti Nüganenis centred around a prefabricated archaeological mine, where a pseudo-archaeologist digs objects from the ground. It intertwines reality and fiction, and creates myths, thereby constructing speculative pasts and futures. Young Boy Dancing Group’s performance at Reykjavík Art Museum is the art work of the month. So make sure you listen till the end to hear what the work spurred in Tereza.

Sequences XI – Can’t See is curated by Marika Agu, Maria Arusoo, Kaarin Kivirähk and Sten Ojavee.

Created and produced by the Icelandic Art Center, Out There brings co-hosts Becky Forsythe @beforsythe and Þórhildur Tinna Sigurðardóttir @tindilfaetta in conversation with artists, curators and art professionals.

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