Bjørvika: the ‘Venice’ of Oslo

If you are interested in architecture, Bjørvika is a treasure trove ready to be discovered. The white Opera house, the narrow buildings of the Barcode ensemble and the quirky angles of Akrobaten pedestrian bridge have become popular photography spots for locals and visitors. In Barcode, you can find high-end shops, art galleries and restaurants. Across the street and towards the fjord, lies the new Munch Museet and the Oslobukta neighbourhood: A completely new borough with a wide variety of restaurants, architectural sights, a large swimming pier and a water fountain that doubles as a playground. If you walk onwards across the pontoon bridge from the Opera house, you get to Sørenga, where you can relax in a floating sauna, enjoy urban beach life and go kayaking. Across the bay from Sørenga lies the one-of-a-kind art and sauna village SALT which plays host to many cultural events and boasts the world’s largest wood-fired sauna.