After being beaten by Milan-Cortina for 2026, Sweden is not giving up its bid for the Winter Olympics and is announcing that it will try again for the next edition, the 2030 Games, which should also be held in Europe, given the lack of other bids, at least for the time being. Yesterday, the committee bidding to host the 2030 ‘white’ Games received the support of the Swedish government, just a few days after France submitted its bid to the IOC. In a press release, the Swedish government said it had given the National Olympic Committee the green light to finalise the country’s bid. According to this dossier, Stockholm would be the main venue for the 2030 Winter Games, but other sites in the centre of the country would also be selected, including Falun, Åre and Ostersund. It is also possible that some events will be held in Latvia and Norway. Sweden has already hosted the Summer Olympics in 1912, but this would be the first time it has hosted the Winter Games. The final decision by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is scheduled for 2024, while two other countries have applied to host the 2030 Olympics: Switzerland and France, the latter already formally. The feasibility study’s proposal for a sports concept is based on a few main locations. Ice sports and ceremonies in the Stockholm region, Nordic sports in Falun, snow sports in Åre and Östersund and sliding sports in Sigulda, Latvia. For the Paralympics, some changes are proposed with the Nordic events will be moved to Östersund. Only existing venues and strucutures will be used, with the Olympic Village as the only new work for the games.