Svartsengi Power Station. Picture: Wikipedia

Work on the walls that should protect the Svartsengi Power Station is in full swing at the moment, and is being done day and night: it will take a few weeks to be completed.

The Svartsengi is a geothermal power plant located in the Svartsengi geothermal field, about 4km north of Grindavík, approximately 20 km SE of Keflavík International Airport and 45 km from Reykjavík. Built in 1976 by HS Orka, it was the world’s first combined geothermal power plant for electric power generation and hot water production for district heating. The power station was finished in 2008 and it provides hot water for the district heating system of the entire Reykjanes Peninsula, including Keflavík, Njarðvík, Vogar, Garður, Sandgerði and Grindavík – more than 21,000 households.