Picture by Algkalv – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

Atuagkat Bookstore is an independent bookstore located in the centre of Nuuk (15.000 inhabitants) in Greenland. It has the world’s largest selection of books on Greenland and the northern Arctic in Greenlandic, Danish or English language. It has promoted culture, knowledge and history of civilization to the inhabitants of Nuuk for years, and on 5th May 2006 the bookstore celebrated its 40th anniversary. When the Greenlandic literature experienced recession The Greenlandic Publishers decided to establish its own bookstore to increase sale of Greenlandic literature as well as literature translated into Greenlandic. At that time The Greenlandic Publishers was a state institution under The Greenlandic Provincial Council, and the aim of this council was to increase the citizens’ knowledge and awareness of literature. Following various protests from the public, as the common attitude was that The Greenlandic Provincial Council should not engage in private business, and in connection with the establishment of Atuagkat Bookstore, The Greenlandic Publishers was changed into an independent institution. The bookstore became Greenland’s first private store and played a vital role for Greenlandic literature ever since. When the bookstore was sold to Inger Hauge and Steen Amandus it was renamed Atuagkat & Kontorteknik A/S: it became one of the largest bookstores in Denmark, as well as the world’s largest arctic bookstore. In 2000 the office supply division and the bookstore were separated, and from that moment on the Atuagkat Bookstore only sold books. A new chapter story started on 1st October 2005 when Atuagkat was acquired by Claus & Dorthe Jordening.