The ‘Nuuk Art Museum’ is approximately 600 square meters and includes a large new extension with changing exhibition: the permanent collection is primarily of works collected by Svend and Helene Junge Pedersen. The permanent exhibition includes an extensive collection of historic art, including works by Christine Deichmann (1869-1945), J.E.C. Rasmussen (1841-1893), Harald Moltke (1871-1960) and Emanuel A. Pedersen (1894-1948). The museum also exhibits a collection of more recent art from artists such as Simon Kristoffersen (1933-1990), Miki Jacobsen (b. 1965), Buuti Pedersen (b. 1955), Hans Lynge (1906-1988), Anne-Birthe Hove (1951-2012) and Pia Arke (1958-2007). Additionally the museum exhibits a great collection of carvings in soapstone, bone, wood, and ivory from all around Greenland. ‘Nuuk Art Museum’ was a gift from Svend and Helene Junge Pedersen to the people in Nuuk: it was opened in 2005 and is found in the former Adventist church, on Kissarneqqortuunnguaq 5, a few minutes’ walk from the center of Nuuk. The gift was handed over to the municipality Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq (the former Nuup Kommunea), that is now running the museum. In the later years, the museum has worked on different projects, such as the audioguide, and the Art Walk for the city of Nuuk. The museum has also developed teaching materials for elementary schools and high schools. On recurrent days of importance, such as Culture Night, International Museum Day, vernissages, and the National Day, the museum organizes events, where everyone is welcome to participate.