Båstad Golfklubb (Sweden), picture by C.S.Sundberg @ Unsplash

Scandinavia and the Nordic Countries enjoy a strong connection with golf and here follows a quick overview of the best golf courses in the area – for a detailed analysis read the full article at Top 100 Golf Courses. Denmark has 190 Danish golf courses and around 150,000 affiliated club members. The Old Course at the Scandinavian Golf Club is considered to be the best one, and it is since its opening in 2014. In the early 1980s there was just a handful of courses in Finland, but today there are more than 160, for around 140,000 affiliated Finnish golfers, making it the 10th highest number of registered golfers in Europe. The #1 course is the South East Course at Kytäjä Golf. In Iceland there are more than 60 courses to choose from and around 40,000 affiliated club members, the good playing season being between May and September. The Hvaleyrarvöllur course of Keilir Golf Club is considered to be #1. Norway enjoys 100,000 affiliate golfers and over 150 golf courses, the best of which is the Lofoten Links, where one can play around the clock during summertime. Golf came to Sweden at the beginning of the 20th century, but it became a major sport only during the ’90s: today it counts on half a million golfers (!!!) and more than 660 golf courses. The Stadium Course at the Bro Hof Slott Golf Club is ranked as the best Swedish course. Worth a mention are the Torshavn Golf Club on the Faroe Islands and the two Nuuk Golfklub and TIG Sports golf clubs in Greenland.