Stævnet or Copenhagen XI were a Danish association football representative team active until 1994, which participated in the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup (precursor of UEFA Cup) in 1955–58, 1958–60, 1961–62, 1962–63 and 1963–64. Most of the matches played by Stævnet were exhibition matches either against its Danish competitor Alliancen, or against foreign (often British) teams, sometimes displaying a common Stævnet/Alliancen team. On 10 May 1960 Stævnet played the Brazilian 1958 World Champions in an unofficial international arranged in collaboration with the Danish FA and Alliancen: Brazil won the match by 4–3, but Stævnet were temporarily leading 2-1, the Danish goals scored by Harald Nielsen (2) and Henning Enoksen. Stævnet had a total of 11 member clubs: the first five are considered core members or “the Stævnet Clubs” (year of membership in brackets): B 93 (1904), KB (1904), AB (1912), B 1903 (1912), Frem (1912), Fremad Amager (1949), ØB (1949), Køge (1955), Skovshoved (1955), Hvidovre (1964), KB (1976). Although Stævnet would usually feature players from its member clubs exclusively, players were often borrowed from other Danish clubs.