Astrup’s atelier (Astruptunet), picture by Harald Oppedal

Among Norway’s most famous painters and graphic artists, Nikolai Astrup was (together with Edvard Munch) an innovator in graphics whose trademark was the intense use of color depicting the natural surroundings in Jølster, where he spent most of his life. In fact, most of the motifs shown in his paintings are from Jølster: in 1914 Nikolai’s family bought the property located on Sandalstrand (Southern side of Lake Jølstravatnet) where they built their home, known as Astruptunet, home that also hosted Astrup’s atelier until his death in 1928. His wife sold Astrupnet to Jølster Municipality in 1965, and today it is open for guided tours from the end of May to the beginning of September. Read more: Astruptunet

The Kode Museum in Bergen has an ongoing project dedicated to Astrup’s artistic legacy: Nicolaj Astrup