In an extremely interesting article published on the Barents Observer Markku Heikkilä, Head of Science Communication with the Arctic Centre (University of Lapland, Finland) explains his view on how the Nordic Countries could save cooperation in the Arctic, now that none of the seven remaining Arctic Council nations (the five Nordics, plus USA and Canada) wants to cooperate with Russia. The ‘Nordic Council of Ministers’ already has a mandate to discuss the Arctic in its own context, and it also has a number of Arctic activities going on: why not invite also USA, Canada, together with Indigenous peoples from these regions, to unofficial Arctic discussions? Being hosted by the Nordic Council of Ministers, it would not replace the Arctic Council, but it could possibly act as a ‘political safe haven’ for Arctic talks for the time needed. Then, should things change in Russia one day, the Nordic Council of Ministers could host the talks on how to get life back to the Arctic Council. Who else could be better? Please read the full, detailed article by Markku Heikkilä for more comprehensive information and theory related to the Arctic cooperation.