On Thursday, November 3, the last day of the Nordic Council‘s session, Norwegians Jorodd Asphjell and Helge Orte were elected as president and vice president in the Parliament House. In its program for the 2023 presidency, Norway emphasizes cooperation in security and security of supply issues, sustainable development in the energy and transport sector, and the well-being and influence of young people in the Nordic countries. According to Norway, at the time of the corona pandemic, there was room for improvement in terms of Nordic cooperation in relation to preparing for crises. Security of supply of energy, food, medicines and medical supplies would be central to closer cooperation. Norway also wants more discussion on Nordic defense cooperation. The presidency program highlights that the changed security environment in Europe has made energy issues even more topical. According to Norway’s program, renewable energy is necessary to reach climate goals and develop a fossil-free transport sector. Norway wants an inclusive and fair green transition, and calls for more research and development cooperation and shared infrastructure in the Nordic countries. According to Norway, the climate and corona crises have greatly affected the lives of young people, and their psychological well-being is a central theme in Norway’s program. The program emphasizes preventing the marginalization of young people, for example by strengthening access to education and working life. The Nordic Speakers traditionally gathered for their meeting organized in connection with the session week on November 2. Along with the future of Nordic parliamentary cooperation, the speakers discussed with Teija Tiilikainen, the director of the European Hybrid Competence Center, the hybrid threats faced by the Nordic countries and the possible cooperation between the parliaments to respond to hybrid and cyber threats. In addition, the speakers discussed other current issues, such as energy issues and the Nordic electricity market, with Fingrid’s Deputy CEO Asta Sihvonen-Punka. The Nordic Speakers’ Meeting was chaired by Speaker Matti Vanhanen. Finland held the presidency of the Nordic Council during 2022. Read more on Eduskunta.fi